Now I am an Axolotl

There's only one place in the world that you can find the axolotl—the Mexican salamander—in the wild. This creature is the living embodiment of Xolotl, the Aztec god of heavenly fire, of lightning and the underworld, and the renegade twin brother of Quetzalcoatl. But the wild axolotl’s fate might be bound to the Aztecs by more than myth: its life in 21st century could rely on the last surviving fragments of a landscape both very old and very human.

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Outside/In was produced this week by Justine Paradis and Sam Evans-Brown with Taylor Quimby, Daniela Allee, and Jimmy Gutierrez. Erika Janik is our Executive Producer. Maureen McMurray is capable of escaping that mineral lethargy in which she spends whole hours.

Special thanks to Lucina Melesio.

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