Ask Sam: Trichomes, Bug Hair, Bug Tumors & Mollusk Shells

Ask Sam: that special time when scientists worldwide cringe as Sam & the team speculate wildly on a diverse range of topics before picking up the phone to call in the real experts. 

This time, we've got another hirsute mystery: Are insect and plant hairs also made from the magical (seeming) protein called keratin? Also, do bugs get cancer? And which came first: the chachalaca (not a typo) or the turkey? And finally, why do ocean mollusks have tougher shells than their freshwater comrades?

The Ask Sam Hotline (1-844-GO-OTTER) is always open, so do your best to stump the gang and send us down another (figurative or literal) rabbit-hole!

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Outside/In was produced this week by Taylor Quimby and Sam Evans-Brown with help from: Erika Janik, Maureen McMurray, Taylor Quimby, Justine Paradis, Hannah McCarthy,  and Jimmy Gutierrez.

Special thanks to our braniacs for this episode: Rob Last at MSU, Cole Gilbert of Cornell, Pawel Michalak of the Biocomplexity Institute, Frank Horne of Texas State University, and the noble Chachalaca.

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Our Ask Sam theme was composed by Taylor Quimby.

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