Operation Confirmation Bias

Today on the podcast, a story that seemed like a perfect fit Outside/In that wound up going places that we didn’t expect to go. When workers at the American embassy Cuba claimed to have been attacked by a mysterious weapon that left no trace, it led to a major shift in American diplomacy towards the Caribbean socialist state. But the story has also led to a split in journalism, stemming from the sources different kinds of journalists rely on.

This story forces us to ask: how do we decide what we know? What kinds of information we trust?

Our contribution on this issue is just one among many. For those who are interested here’s an extra-reading list.

For starters, here are the stories we mention by name in the episode:

If you’re interested in the Associated Press reporting, which broke much of the news, here’s a sampling:

If you’re looking for one, great-big long-read about the whole affair, I’ve got two of those:

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some peer-reviewed science, here are three papers:

And the rest is what I’ll call “pot pourri”

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