Episode 13.5: The Pokemon Question

The game is getting people outside, but is that a good thing?

Pokemon Go is getting couch potatoes outside and walking around again. People are rediscovering their neighborhood and local fauna. But all the while, they have their nose stuck in a smart phone. Is it a good thing that all these people are wandering around tripping over low branches, or is this yet another sign of our eventual disconnection from the world around us? We assemble a panel to debate.

Joining us for the debate: 

Grey Chynoweth is the Chief Operating Officer at Silvertech, a company based in Manchester, NH.

Maura Adams is a program director at the Northern Forest Center.

Taylor Quimby is Senior producer of this show and current Pokemon Go enthusiast.

Sam Evans-Brown is the host of this show and was a big time Pokemon fan in his youth.


Outside/In was produced this week by: 

Sam Evans-Brown, Maureen McMurray, Taylor Quimby, Molly Donahue, Jimmy Gutierrez, & Logan Shannon

Theme music by Breakmaster Cylinder 

Photos of Sam are by Greta Rybus unless otherwise noted.