Episode 16.5: When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play

The producers commandeer the show while host Sam Evans-Brown is on a much-needed vacation*. They sail into weird territory almost immediately. 

There are a lot of things about the natural world that can easily be explained by science. And then, there are situations in which science simply cannot help. Some may call these experiences "supernatural" or perhaps "paranormal". But let's face it, the natural world can be pretty heckin' spooky. But why are the woods so scary? Why does being alone in a cornfield evoke a feeling of dread? And seriously, what is up with the Bayou? Is it all that Spanish Moss? So spooky.

Sam has been brushing aside our concerns and warranted curiosity for months, and now that he's decided to take a break from radio making, we decided to plead our case to you! After all you're the ones that agreed that ghosts are where it's at.


If you have a scary story to add to our upcoming spooky Outside/In episode we really, really want to hear it. 

Leave us a voicemail at: 1-603-223-2448

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*Note: Sam will be back with a new, normal episode right after Labor Day.

Outside/In was produced this week by: 

Molly Donahue, Logan Shannon, and Maureen McMurray with help from Taylor Quimby and Jimmy Gutierrez.

Theme music by Breakmaster Cylinder 

Photos of Sam are by Greta Rybus unless otherwise noted.