Must Love Logs

You hike, you fish, you camp… and you’re single.

When you’re looking for love, what is the importance of being “outdoorsy”? And how do you communicate your identity — and expectations for potential matches — on an online dating profile?

The fish photo is just the beginning.

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Phoenix Yung’s former Bumble photo.

Phoenix Yung’s former Bumble photo.

Outside/In was produced this week by:

Outside/In was produced this week by Justine Paradis, Taylor Quimby, and Sam Evans-Brown with help from Jimmy Gutierrez. Erika Janik is our executive producer and Maureen McMurray is Director of Swiping Left on Companies That Don’t Pay Interns.

Thanks to the NH Fishing Facebook page, and to Keith, Phoenix, Kenny, Elizabeth, Erik, Hannah, Clay, and Clare, and everyone who texted or spoke to us — or ghosted us — for this episode.

Music from this week’s episode came from Blue Dot Sessions.

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