What's the Deal with Coydogs?

This canine can be found all the way from Panama to Alaska, and shows no sign of going away anytime soon. But what are they? In this episode from Brave Little State, a podcast made next door in Vermont, we get some answers.

Outside/In was produced this week by:

Outside/In was produced this week by Angela Evancie, host of the podcast Brave Little State.  Our staff includes Maureen McMurray, Taylor Quimby, Molly Donahue, Hannah McCarthy,  and Jimmy Gutierrez.  Sam Evans-Brown is host of Outside/In. 

Brave Little State is a production of Vermont Public Radio, and they have support from the VPR Innovation Fund.  

Music from this week’s episode came from Poddington Bear, Henry Mancini, and New England artist Ben Cosgrove. 

Our theme music is by Breakmaster Cylinder.

Brave Little State theme music by Ty Gibbbons. 

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