32 Is the New 40

The 40-hour workweek is as American as apple pie, and it’s been around almost as long. So, is it finally time to re-think our Monday-through-Friday lifestyle? With modern mechanization and automation, should we all have more leisure time? And what would that mean for the environment? Producer Jimmy Gutierrez looks into the history of work culture, where it’s being challenged, and makes the argument that we all should be working less, you know, to save the planet.  

Outside/In was produced this week by:

Outside/In was produced this week by Jimmy Gutierrez, Sam Evans-Brown, and Taylor Quimby, with help from Justine Paradis, Ben Henry and Daniela Allee.

Erika Janik is our Executive Producer. Maureen McMurray is director of definitely not working 32 hours but maybe one day, one day.

Special thanks to Charlotte Graham-McLay.

Music from this week’s episode came from Blue Dot Session.

Our theme music is by Breakmaster Cylinder.

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