The Meat Matrix

Listener feedback is a big part of working in radio and podcasting. We try to look for the lesson in every critical email, phone call, or tweet (even the cranky ones). However, there is one listener who has probably gotten in touch with producers at New Hampshire Public Radio more than any other - a vegan advocate named Laura Slitt. Her approach hasn’t always made it easy to take her seriously.

Today, we’ve got a deeply personal story from producer Taylor Quimby, who last year decided to strike up a relationship with Laura, to try and understand where she’s coming from and what made her decide to give up meat and dairy.

Heads up: This episode features descriptions of people killing animals to eat them.



Outside/In was produced this week by Taylor Quimby with help from Sam Evans-Brown, Hannah McCarthy, Justine Paradis, Nick Capodice, and Jimmy Gutierrez. Erika Janik is our Executive Producer. Maureen McMurray is the director of “there is no spoon.”

Thanks this week to Christine and Chet — two wonderful and complex people who Taylor feels bad for exploiting for the intro to this story.

Music in this episode by Blu Dot Sessions, and Poddington Bear, Tyler Gibbons, Nctrnm, and Ikimashoo Aoi.

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