The Family Business

The Sununus are one of New Hampshire's most prominent families. John H. Sununu was governor and White House Chief of Staff. One of his sons, John E. Sununu, was a U.S. congressman and senator, and another, Chris Sununu, is governor today. 

In their powerful political roles, all of these men have faced a different landscape with regard to climate change - and what it means to be a Republican. Today, we track their party's evolution on the subject through the frame of this one family’s story.

Still Interested?

Below you’ll find the full audio of several of the interviews we conducted to make this story.

The reporting process included much more — conversations with people who didn’t want to be recorded for the story, research and reading reporting done by authors, and a certain amount of tapping the institutional memory of New Hampshire Public Radio’s newsroom — but you can hear as much of this piece of our primary source material as you’d like.

Additionally, you’ll find that the transcripts to the story are “annotated” with links to additional supporting materials. Happy perusing!