S01|E03: Nurture vs. Nature

Tyler Armstrong is 12-years-old. He loves video games, laser tag, and he wants to become the youngest person to summit Mount Everest. In this episode, Outside/In poses an ethical question: how young is too young to climb Mount Everest? Plus, what to expect when you're expecting a child...and a gold medal at the Nordic World Ski Championships. And a father wages a 17-year-long battle against the Department of Environmental Services over a dock. 

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Photo Credit: Phobus via flickr

Photo Credit: Phobus via flickr

The Young Man of the Mountain

What did you want to do when you were 12? Play video games? Hang out with your friends at the mall? Go swimming in a lake? Tyler Armstrong is 12 and he want to earn the title of youngest person to climb Mt. Everest.

Bye bye toes, see you in a few months. Sure hope I remembered to put my skate boots on!

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Training While Pregnant

We’re in the middle of a bit of a shift when it comes to what’s considered a healthy amount of physical activity for women during pregnancy. Doctors say you can keep doing a lot of things you did before you were pregnant, pretty far into term. But culturally, we’re not quite caught up to the latest scientific understanding.

We talked to elite athlete Kikkan Randall about her experience training while she was pregnant. We also spoke to 3-time Olympic medalist Nancy Hogshead-Makar who wrote the guidelines that NCAA schools are supposed to follow on how not to discriminate against pregnant student-athletes.


Pier Pressure

In 1998, Forrest Quimby spent thousands of dollars building one of the most beautiful, elaborate docks on his lake. There was just one problem – it was illegal.

In this story, we hear about Quimby’s seventeen-year battle with the NH Department of Environmental Services, and find out why small-scale environmental regulations are so hard to enforce.

Illustration: Sara Plourde

Illustration: Sara Plourde

Ask Sam

Whether he likes it or not, Sam has become the go-to source for all of our questions, from showing him photos of birds we want him to identify, to plants that look weird, to what kind of wax we should use on our skis. And we're not alone - everyone has questions for Sam. We went to a bar and recorded a few and asked him to answer. 

If you have questions for Sam, leave him a message on the Ask Sam hotline: 603-223-2448

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